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3 Ways to Protect Your Commercial Patio Furniture From Winter
January 8, 2018

3 Ways to Protect Your Commercial Patio Furniture From Winter

When winter arrives, your outdoor patio and pool areas are closed off from guests as they seek warmer, interior entertainment and dining settings. Yet just because the outer doors are closed doesn’t mean that you should ignore your commercial patio furniture. Leaving the furniture out in the open can invite mold, mildew and damage from rain, snow, ice and windblown debris. Here are several ways for you to protect your tables, chairs, sofas and lounge chairs so you don’t have to order brand new contract patio furniture.

Weatherproofing Applications

There are many weatherproofing sprays and other applications that can be applied to furniture to protect the items from inclement weather. Before applying these items on contact patio furniture, read over the manufacturer’s guidelines so as not to apply any fabric protector or metal protective coating that could damage the materials. You should use weather proofing applications not just in winter, but for any furniture that will be sitting outside unprotected as rainy summers can cause just as much damage.

Store in a Safe and Dry Location

Depending on the size and layout of your commercial establishment, you may have a designated storage area for your furniture. This is the most ideal method to protect the chairs, tables and sofas. Before placing items into storage, always clean and repair the contract patio furniture pieces so they will be ready for when the spring and summer weather arrives.

Use Furniture Cover Protectors for Outdoor Furniture

You can leave commercial patio furniture outside if you don’t have a dedicated storage space for the items. Yet you should consider covering them with furniture protectors or covers. Employees can stack furniture against the leeward side of the building where the furniture can be protected from some of the weather. You may also place them under awnings or roof outcroppings for further protection. Always securely tie down tarps and covers so the wind doesn’t blow them off the furniture.

You can have beautiful contract patio furniture throughout the year for your commercial business. Invest in the right methods that will protect your outdoor tables, chairs, sofas and lounge chairs during the winter months. If you’re interested in getting custom furniture protector covers for your commercial outdoor furniture, contact Caluco today! (818) 898-7767 or email us at sales@caluco.com

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