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Personalized Commercial Outdoor Furniture
June 14, 2018

Personalized Commercial Outdoor Furniture

When designing the outdoor recreational and eating spaces for your commercial business, such as a hotel, restaurant or bar club, first impressions count. Your guests will have a memorable experience not only about the food, drinks and amenities that are provided, but also the creature comforts that they experience that is provided by your commercial patio furniture.

Custom-Made Commercial Furniture by Caluco

As a commercial outdoor furniture manufacturer, Caluco has been creating custom seating and table designs for commercial clients around the world for more than 15 years. Our professional designers are committed to creating luxury furniture styles that capture the theme of a client’s commercial establishment while also providing outstanding furniture solutions for any type of space. Our turn-key furniture services offer our clients more control over the design and production process as, through our reliable partnership, we can provide commercial outdoor furniture blueprints, prototypes and manufacturing processes tailored to your ideas and specifications.

To assist clients in developing commercial patio furniture ideas, we like to present our custom gallery that features our durable and beautiful furniture design collections that we have created for previous clients.

In this beautiful gallery, you can garner custom furniture ideas for your own commercial spaces by browsing popular furniture projects we have provided to hospitality industries such as Hilton, Hyatt Regency, Montage Laguna beach and many others. Each furniture collection that is featured can be redesigned with customized finishes, sizes or even furniture schemes. If you find a lounge chair design that you would like to transform into restaurant table chairs, we can sketch up the blueprints and help you select materials that will fit into your business theme.

Caluco’s versatile and integrated manufacturing operations can allow you to expand your custom commercial patio furniture options. Contact us today to discuss your furniture design needs.

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