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Benefits of Teak
July 12, 2017

Benefits of Teak – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Teak is one of the priciest materials used in furniture—durable commercial outdoor lounge furniture. But why is it so pricey? What is it about the material that makes it such a highly desirable (and thus high-cost) option?
Teak offers a number of benefits.


High Oil Content

The high natural oil content of teak makes it both water and weather-resistant, as well as resistant to bugs and bacteria. It’s ideal for use with outdoor furniture (like our outdoor contract furniture) because wind, rain, snow, termites won’t damage it.


Low Warping Risk

Wood warps when water soaks into it and dries. Thankfully, the high oil content of teak prevents water absorption. This means there is a very low risk of teak warping, which is why teak was used for ships and maritime vessels for thousands of years. Hail nor rain nor snow will cause your teak furniture to warp.


Beautiful. Teak naturally has rich tones and deep coloring that you just don’t find with other types of wood. You can find teak in a variety of colors from blonde to bright red to deep brown to black. Each piece of teak of unique and the unique style of grains and coloring makes teak a wonderful enhancement to the beauty of any kitchen, office, or commercial venue.


Extreme Durability

Teak grows much more slowly than most trees, which means it has a tight grain. With the high natural oil content to keep out water and bugs, the tight grain will ensure that the teak retains its shape not just for years, but decades or even centuries. Teak requires very little maintenance or protection against the elements or bugs. It can be used anywhere in your home or commercial space, and you can trust that it will bear up to heavy use!


A lot of our Caluco furniture collections use teak, particularly the Sixty and Cozy collections. We’ve found the material is beautiful, not to mention hardy.


We use ONLY Grade A teak, meaning it is cut from trees older than 40 years and using only the premium center of the teak tree. Grade A teak has a much lower risk of discoloration, variations, and knots. It also has a tighter grain, higher oil content, and better weather, water, and bug resistance. Over time, it develops a beautiful silver-grey patina that enhances the beauty of the furniture.


If you are thinking of buying teak, you should always consider Grade A teak first. It’s much more durable and beautiful—making it the perfect choice for your outdoor furniture!

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