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Top 10 Ideas for Commercial Patio Outdoor Seating Around a Fire Pit
May 17, 2024

Top 10 Ideas for Commercial Patio Outdoor Seating Around a Fire Pit

When making outdoor places for hotels and restaurants, the most important thing is to build welcoming spots that make sure guests are comfortable and happy. A feature many like in these spaces is where there’s a fire pit area—it becomes the center of attention by bringing heat, a nice atmosphere, and feeling cozy outside. Next, we will talk about ten ideas for arranging commercial patio furniture around fire pit areas in hotels and restaurants.

Commercial Fire Pit Safety

Before talking about how to place the furniture, it is essential to focus on the safety of fire pits, especially in a business environment where ensuring that your fire pit is secure is a must. What are some of the key requirements your commercial fire pit should have?

The first device works as a protection. It stops the gas from flowing by itself in a business fire pit when the flame is extinguished.

Next, for business fire pits it is necessary to have specific mechanisms to ignite the fire; typically an electronic type is suitable. Such systems might include features like auto relight for when the flame goes off. As mentioned before, if it does not start again, the supply of gas will be stopped.

Commercial fire pits need to have a button for emergency stop. This is so you can turn off the flame and gas by yourself if needed.

Distance From a Fire Pit

When you arrange chairs on the patio near a fire pit, it’s essential to maintain sufficient distance from where individuals are seated to the flame. To keep everyone safe and to make the heat from the fire spread out more, making it cozier, please check with what your area’s rules say and also see what the company who made your fire pit recommends about how far away to put seats.

Typically, the area for positioning chairs around a company’s fire pit depends on the type of fire pit it is and whether it burns wood or gas.

For a fire pit using wood, placing chairs roughly 3 to 4 feet away from the fire is beneficial. It ensures that individuals maintain a safe distance from the flames and guards them against airborne sparks or embers. With this space, everyone can still feel the heat of the fire and have a nice time around it.

For a fire pit that burns gas, you can put chairs closer, usually 2 to 3 feet from it because there is not much danger of sparks or embers. But keeping chairs at a safe distance is important so nobody accidentally touches the flames or hot parts.

Mimic the Shape of the Fire Pit

To make a unified and nice-looking outside area, think about arranging your seats to copy the form of the fire pit. If you have a circle, square or rectangle fire pit, organize chairs in the same shape around it. This makes everything look better and helps people talk more easily with each other when they are sitting there.

Seating Arrangement Ideas for Outdoor Furniture Around a Fire Pit

1. Benches

Use the benches around the fire pit to give enough seats for big groups and keep a uniform appearance.

2. Rounded Sofa

Choose a sofa with curves or a sectional that bends to make a cozy and welcoming place for sitting where people can easily talk and unwind.

3. Sofa and Chair Combo

Combine different sofas and separate chairs to suit different sitting choices and bring a varied look to the area.

4. L-Shaped Sectional

Place an L-shaped sectional near the fire pit to increase the number of seats and establish clear areas for guests to relax.

5. Add Greenery

Add some plants in pots, small trees or green leaves that hang near the fire pit to make it feel more natural and improve the feeling of your outside area.

6. Boho Style with Wicker

Welcome a bohemian style by including wicker items like chairs, ottomans and small tables that give off a feeling of warmth and coziness.

7. Teak Wood Chairs

Many people enjoy using teak wood chairs around their fire pit because they have a classic and stylish appearance that matches well with nature, and they are also very strong against the weather outside.

8. Pergola

Put up a pergola over the area where the fire pit is to give some shade, make it more private and add an interesting design feature that makes a welcoming space outside for visitors.

9. Rocking Chairs

Put rocking chairs near the fire circle to create a warm and old-fashioned place for sitting. This makes people feel comfortable and helps them relax and enjoy their time.

10. Lounge Chairs

Your selection of seats near the firepit features lounge chairs. Provide comfortable and luxurious lounge chairs close to where the fire burns so people can lean back and enjoy the heat from the flames with elegance.


When creating a layout for outdoor furniture around a fire pit at hotels and restaurants, it’s important to think about safety, how it will be used, and its visual attractiveness. If you want an area that feels warm and private or one that is large enough for groups to gather comfortably, choosing appropriate fire pit chair ideas for around the fire pit can make your patio more inviting. This draws customers in and encourages them to return.

Frequently Asked Questions: Commercial Fire Pits

Q: Can commercial outdoor fire pits be used in windy conditions?

Commercial outdoor fire pits are made to be strong against different weather, but it’s important to be careful when using them if there is a lot of wind. Strong winds can make the flames change and cause sparks or burning pieces to fly off, which could be dangerous.

Q: Do commercial outdoor fire pits require ventilation?

Proper air flow is very important for outdoor fire pits in businesses. It helps the fuel burn well and reduces smoke and fumes. Good ventilation keeps the area safe for customers and makes sure the fire pit works as it should.

Q: Are there regulations or permits required for installing commercial outdoor fire pits?

Regulations for setting up and operating commercial outdoor fire pits can be different based on the place and governing body. It is important for businesses to check with local officials and get the required permits or agreements before putting in a fire pit to make sure they follow safety and area rules.

Contact Caluco for Custom Commercial Patio Furniture for Your Fire Pit

Hotels and restaurants can improve their outside areas by using these best ten ideas for arranging commercial patio furniture around fire pit zones, making memorable spaces and giving visitors a unique experience when dining or relaxing outdoors.Reach out to Caluco now for making custom chairs, sofas, and other furniture suited for your commercial outdoor fire pit area; it will help bring more people to enjoy the patio outside.

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