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I, the designer, have an integrated approach to design work rooted in close collaboration with Caluco, a multi-disciplinary manufacturing company. I have created this look specific to an appropriate and innovative design response to my collaborator’s requirements. Working with themes such as sustainability, durability, cultural context, as well as practicality and accessibility, the design solution was challenging, yet, rather impactful. Being used to developing projects in different scales, from concept to production and installation, this represented a focal point of convergence of all those qualities and aspirations the collaborator envisioned,united with my inspiration and artistry. This took using my sensibility to social issues as well as my expertise in furniture design, which resulted in a creation of which I am particularly proud. Moreover, I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such powerhouse as Caluco in bringing forth my vision of how my environmental responsibility and my nod to my culture intersect.

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