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Need Shade? Importance of Patio Umbrellas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces
February 10, 2019

Need Shade? Importance of Patio Umbrellas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Companies in the hospitality industry are taking advantage of outdoor spaces to provide additional services to please their guests. Restaurant dining areas, outdoor bars, pool lounge spaces, fire pit areas, and gathering spots entice customers to go outside and relax. However, summer temperatures and the sun’s rays can make it too hot for guests to sit outside comfortably. Here are several reasons on why to buy patio umbrellas for your commercial outdoor space.


Importance of Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas allow you to shade a specific area of your outdoor commercial space. They can be placed over a table for dining guests to bring shade to bright areas, or hangover lounge chairs to protect people from the UV rays of the sun so they don’t get sunburned. In addition, patio umbrellas can lower the temperature around bar areas so drinks can stay cooler for a longer time.]


Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

There are many different styles of commercial patio umbrellas. The most common patio umbrella is a center pole that extends straight up with the canopy material at the top. The center pole umbrella has a solid base. These umbrellas may be freestanding to be placed beside outdoor commercial furniture or through tables that have a center hole. The pole may be one solid piece of metal or two pieces of metal that can be taken apart for storage purposes. They can come as small as 6 feet up to 11 feet or larger.


Another type of patio umbrella is a cantilever, also called an offset, umbrella. A cantilever umbrella has a straight metal pole with a jointed side pole and attached canopy to provide shade off to one side. These umbrellas can come in large sizes to shade dining tables or hot tubs as they can be pivoted 360 degrees.


Patio umbrellas can have round, square and rectangular canopies as they may be floor mounted, wall mounted or placed into the ground. The canopy materials can be made to withstand the UV rays of the sun, repel heat, and offer stain-resistant materials.


Protect Your Furniture and Shade Guests with Patio Umbrellas


There are many reasons on why to buy patio umbrellas. Select the umbrellas that best fit the space by contacting Caluco. Call us today to receive a free quote, or submit an inquiry online for more details about our commercial patio umbrellas.

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