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Sling Fabrics

Faithful to its quality and innovative values, Serge Ferrari offers you its collection of Batyline composite materials for your self-supporting (sling) seats. Its variety of weaves, multitude of colors, light play and reflections, novel sensations in terms of feel and comfort, are all potential forms of expression in your creations.


  • High tenacity polyester yarn
  • Specific sheath formulation
  • Precontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology
  • Optimised weave openness


  • Tear resistant extremely strong
  • Exceptional resistance to outdoor conditions
  • Easy upkeep with soapy water or Cleaner 500
  • Tension uniformly conserved: no bagging phenomenon
  • Uniform weave, yarn squareness, finish and aesthetics guaranteed
  • Stays cool in summer, dries very quickly
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