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Four Advantages to Recycled Teak Outdoor Furniture
February 9, 2018

Four Advantages to Recycled Teak Outdoor Furniture

One of the most popular areas of your hotel, restaurant, resort or bar is the outdoor space on beautiful, warm days. People love to congregate outside in the warm sun and under the shade of umbrellas to have conversations, eat meals, and just relax by the poolside. Having the right commercial patio furniture can attract more people to your outdoor space so it is used to its fullest potential.

Out of all the materials that commercial patio chairs, sofas and tables can be made out of, recycled teak outdoor furniture has taken the spotlight. Recycled teak is created by reclaiming teak wood that was crafted into houses, flooring and furniture in the Java, Indonesia area. The recycled teak is then remade into commercial patio furniture by removing all the old varnishes, oils, paints and debris as it is then sanded and planed to bring out its natural color and grain.

Advantages to Recycled Teak

There are a number of benefits to using recycled teak as your contract commercial patio furniture. In addition to its beautiful appearance, here are just a few of the advantages you may obtain.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable: Teak is a natural wood that is renewable. Since it is being reclaimed and turned into new furniture, it offers environmentally-friendly properties as a sustainable product.

Durable and Strong: Teak is considered a hardwood, making it a strong material. It is also durable, as it is rot resistant, pest resistant, and moisture resistant. When taken care of, teak can last for years without decaying.

Temperature Moderation: Teak doesn’t absorb and retain heat from the sun or cold outdoor temperatures. So the wood won’t be too hot or too cold to the touch as people can enjoy the comfortable teak outdoor furniture.

Dimensional Stability: When teak furniture has been seasoned, the wood retains its stability qualities as it can resist humidity and moisture changes. So the furniture won’t bend or warp due to temperature fluctuations or humidity.

When it comes to wanting commercial patio furniture that will last in varied climates and still be beautiful for years, consider recycled teak outdoor furniture from Caluco. Contact our representatives today or submit an online query to receive a free estimate.

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