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Is Commercial Outdoor Furniture Waterproof?
March 29, 2021

Is Commercial Outdoor Furniture Waterproof?

 Waterproof Commercial Outdoor Furniture

If you just got outdoor furniture you are probably wondering if it’s waterproof or not? This is a fair question since it will be sitting outside and enduring all the weather conditions of where you are located. Surely you don’t want it ruined, moldy, or ripped so proper care has to be done. Yet there’s only so much you can do when it comes to mother nature. Therefore we created this guide to help you understand how your outdoor furniture works. 

commercial outdoor furnitureWater Resistant vs. Water Proof

Water resistant materials will fair well with small spills but water proof will be able to withstand rain. The main thing to note is the material as to which the furniture is made from and the attention to caring for it. These things are usually noted somewhere on the tag and if these things are all taken care of it your furniture should last. 


This is the most popular material for outdoor furniture to be made of, it’s rust resistant, low maintenance and handles well. The material is easy to clean and can withstand rain and other weather conditions.

Resin Wicker 

Resin Wicker, otherwise known as all-weather wicker, looks very in style and can withstand rain and other weather conditions. It is more durable than regular wicker and very easy to clean. 


Teak is a durable and water resistant https://prixz.com/salud/buy-tramadol/ material, unlike other woods it holds up very well against bad weather conditions. It is also an easy material to clean and it looks nice in most settings. 


Sunbrella is an all-weather mold, mildew, chloride, and water resistant fabric. It is optimal for outdoor furniture and is very low maintenance.

A few things to keep in Mind

commercial outdoor furniture

There are some actions you can take to ensure that your furniture is waterproof. First ensure your furniture is clean with a dusting or vacuuming and ensure that all materials are dry. You then have the option to spray your furniture with a waterproof spray you can buy online or in a home store. Keep in mind this is not a fix all issue and covering it is definitely the best way to protect a non-waterproof set. 

The other option is to buy custom furniture from a company like Caluco. Caluco allows designers and architects to select the finish and size of the items they pick. So get your furniture from a company who lets you be the boss and call Caluco Custom Furniture today!

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