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New Commercial Furniture Trends to Look for in 2019
October 19, 2018

New Commercial Furniture Trends to Look for in 2019

To attract guests to your hotel, restaurant or bar setting, you want to incorporate fashionable and trendy interior designs into your outdoor patio and lounge spaces to create relaxing and fun environments. Here at Caluco, we’ve been tracking the newest commercial furniture trends that will be popping up throughout 2019. Check out what is the most popular themes.

Oversized and Plush for Romantic Settings

There’s nothing more comfortable and romantic than curling up on a large, soft pillow and cuddling with someone you love. In 2019, oversized plush cushions set in southwestern flared extruded aluminum frames, deep seating and sling backs are the desired medium for commercial patio chairs and sofas. This look takes alfresco to a whole other level.

Going Crazy with Cords

Looking for something trendy and modern? Caluco has taken something as simple as recyclable vinyl cords and turned them into extraordinary customized luxury garden furniture. Looking like shimmering glass ropes, the Cords collection designed by Indira Lourenco combine environmentally friendly and recycled materials into tables, day beds, sofas, dining chairs and club chairs as the vinyl cords line the sides, back and around frames.

History Returning for a Visit

Another 2019 commercial furniture trend is focusing on design embellishments and traditional themes to bring back a sense of historical times. Simple lines, deep seating, large oversized pillows, and intricate casings will make people feel as if they have stepped back in time.

White, Cream and Chic Fabrics

When it comes to colors, Art deco is definitely the “in” trend with bold colors and geometric designs. Yet white and cream fabrics are also becoming go-to colors for outdoor commercial patio chairs. The crisp and clean look is still highly desired in commercial settings that can match a range of architectural designs and business themes.

Always get the latest commercial patio furniture trends with Caluco. Contact us today for a free estimate or send us an online inquiry about our furniture collections.

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