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March 12, 2021

Outdoor Furniture Trends for Commercial Spaces

Commercial Space Outdoor Furniture Trends

For any commercial industry that has an outdoor space it is important to ensure that the space is both on trend yet remains true to the brand. Therefore it is important to incorporate both into your outdoor space to draw guests and clients in. So what are those trends? Well this guide will tell you.  

modern retro furniture

Modern Retro

In a lot of ways we try to incorporate the old with the new, so why should furniture be any different. This look is unique, multi layered, and usually features some bright statement colors. Utilization of textures, geometric shapes, and sleek forms are key to making this look work. You can play around with lighting, seats, etc. 

minimalist style outdoor furniture


This style utilizes clean sleek lines giving off a very pure look. Soft curves and delicate finishes add to the sophistication of this look. White is always a good color to use for this look and also utilizing natural materials such as jute will make http://bringitusa.com/tramadol/ it a very 2021 appropriate look. This look most commonly reminds us of a grecian island look, very clean and beautiful with a pop of color that is not too overwhelming. 

contemporary style outdoor furniture


This style mixes elegant and modern. You can play around with fun pieces like a swing or spherical chairs. You can use a wide spectrum of colors and create an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing environment. For example if you choose earth tones playing around with the different green shades can create an interesting and appealing look.

artistic outdoor furniture


This last style allows your creativity to run wild a bit. It gives you the ability to blend concrete, terrazzo, and glass styles. Furniture with unique geometric shapes, interesting lighting fixtures, pretty wall hangings all are features of this space. 

How to Achieve

To fully achieve this look or your vision it may be smart to look into some custom furniture. Companies like Caluco have you covered as you get to pick your furniture’s finish and size. Call Caluco to make your outdoor furniture dreams come true. 

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