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Outdoor Furniture is more durable and weather-resistant than it used to be
August 11, 2017

Outdoor Furniture is more durable and weather-resistant than it used to be

If there’s one complaint we hear A LOT about outdoor furniture, it’s that it needs to be replaced often. Low-grade wood warps when exposed to rain, snow, and high temperatures. Wicker can break or crack after a lot of daily use. Fabric fades and loses its bright color over months of daily exposure to the sun.


What do all of these problems have in common? Simple: they all use natural, low-cost materials. To solve these issues, we’ve gone a different route and designed our furniture from:


High-Grade Natural Materials

Low-quality wood will warp and break, but high-quality wood like Grade A teak is highly resistant to the sort of wear sustained by commercial outdoor lounge furniture. The tighter grain and higher natural oil content of Grade A teak ensure that our furniture won’t be damaged by water, snow, rain, or even bugs and termites. With our high-grade natural materials, your outdoor contract furniture has a much longer lifespan guaranteed.


Quality Metals

Wrought iron and stainless steel furniture aren’t cheap, which is why so many people opt for cheaper metals. We don’t skimp on material costs but use only the best quality metals. Some of our furniture collections—such as the Mirabella collection–use high-quality stainless steel for the frames, offering durability at a premium price. Other collections use top-quality aluminum that is hand-welded and finished with a powder coating that increases durability. Our metal frames are built to last!


Top-Notch Synthetic Materials


One of the things that have helped us earn a reputation as one of the top hospitality furniture manufacturers is the fact that we use only the best synthetic materials (fabrics, synthetic wicker, etc.) to increase the longevity of our cushions and frames. For example, our 10 Tierra line is made using High-Density Polyethylene wicker. Not only are these materials more resistant to fading, but they can also handle higher temperatures and exposure to water (rain and snow). In many cases, the materials are spill-resistant and easy to keep clean.


The outdoor furniture manufactured by Caluco solves the problem of excessive wear and tear. Our commercial outdoor lounge furniture is designed for the hospitality industry, making them ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and any outdoor venues that need high quality and long-lasting furniture. If you’re looking for only the best for your outdoor space, let us deliver precisely what you need.

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