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10 Ways To Weatherproof Your Patio Furniture
October 5, 2018

10 Ways To Weatherproof Your Patio Furniture

Having beautiful and stylish outdoor contract furniture for your commercial hospitality business can enhance the beauty of patios and bar areas. Yet the outdoor elements can quickly harm the beauty and durability of the furniture.

You can select tables, dining chairs and sofas that have weatherproof materials, such as polyethylene Cords furniture designed by Indira Lourenco offered by outdoor furniture contract manufacturer Caluco, that will last despite the wet weather. In addition, here are 10 other methods to weatherproof your outdoor furniture.

Get Furniture Covers

Furniture covers can completely surround the furniture pieces to prevent water penetration. They can also keep cushions dry to avoid mold and mildew.

Coat Cushions in Fabric Protection Sprays

Fabric protection sprays offer secondary protection when you don’t have time to run outside and cover the furniture during a brief rain shower. Always spray cushions in a well-ventilated area and let them completely dry in a vertical position before use.

Apply Powder Coating to Metal Furniture

Powder coating can make metal furniture look better and remove rust as it comes in several different colors. Some powder coatings can also provide additional UV protection.

Place on a Finish for Wicker and Wood Furniture

Paints and stains can seal furniture from moisture. Always clean and completely dry the furniture before applying the finish.

Unfinished Wood Furniture Will Need a Water Protection Coating

If you don’t want to add stain or paint to unfinished wood furniture, consider sealing the wood with a water protector. Apply multiple, even coats for weatherproof protection.

Go with Weatherproof Materials

Powder coated metal, wicker, aluminum, and recycled plastic all have weather-resistant properties. When selecting fabrics, go with 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics such as Sunbrella or Outdura, olefin fabrics and polyester fabrics.

Consider Umbrellas and Overhead Canopies

To protect the Caluco patio furniture from both the sun and the rain, consider placing something overhead in the patio space. An umbrella at each table or a canopy can ward off most weather.

Clean and Maintain Furniture

Furniture that doesn’t experience periodic maintenance can become dirty and muddy, as the built-up grime can slowly wear away finishes and hamper the furniture’s weather protection properties. Always clean and maintain the furniture.

Select Furniture That Can’t Be Blown About by the Wind

Light objects such as candlesticks and plastic trays can be blown about and damage furniture. If putting accessories on tables and near furniture, consider the weight of the items and select heavy pieces that can’t be blown around.

Store Furniture Indoors

Perhaps the number one way to keep furniture safe from all types of weather is to store it in a dry and safe location. You can bring the furniture out daily before guests arrive and then put it away during closing hours.

Have beautiful and functional furniture for your pool areas, outdoor restaurant spaces, bar areas and lounge locations by selecting Caluco patio furniture. Call our staff to receive a free estimate, or send our outdoor furniture contract manufacturing company an online inquiry.

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