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Low Maintenance Material for Commercial Outdoor Furniture
May 20, 2019

Commercial Outdoor Furniture 101: The Best and Low Maintenance Materials

When purchasing commercial outdoor furniture, you want more than just finding the chairs, tables, sofas and other furnishings that fit into the theme and functionality of the business. You also want to obtain materials that won’t require enormous amounts of maintenance. The furniture should be made from materials that can withstand moisture, resist fading from the ultraviolet sun, and stand up to the daily use from guests. In addition, performing maintenance shouldn’t put a significant dent into your budget or cause employees to spend too much time getting the furniture clean. Here are some low maintenance materials for your commercial outdoor space:



Plastics are usually the go-to materials when you are looking for low cost and low maintenance patio furniture. The common types of plastics used for outdoor furniture are polypropylene, polyethylene, and high-density polyethylene. For businesses who are looking for greener materials, recycled plastics are eco-friendly options that offer the same benefits.

These materials are typically resistant to rain, fading, and mildew. Also, they only need to be washed with soap and water. However, some https://www.sportingpost.co.za/phentermine/ plastic furniture is susceptible to cracking and scratches. Due to the lightweight nature of plastic furniture, they can be blown away in strong wind conditions.



Out of all the types of wood used for outdoor furniture, teak is typically the top choice. It is extremely low maintenance and easy to care for as teak can last for 50 years.

The material is resistant to weather as it doesn’t absorb a lot of water, and it doesn’t expand when wet. It also resists pests and insects. Teak can be easily cleaned with water and mild soap. Due to teak’s popularity and beauty as outdoor commercial furniture, it has a high price tag.



Wicker materials used for outdoor furniture are made from synthetic resins since natural wicker can become damaged from humidity and moisture, as it is placed onto an aluminum frame. This material is highly resistant to weather and very easy to clean. This type of wood is ideal when you are looking for low maintenance furniture that is eco-friendly and lightweight. Wicker does cost more than other materials because of its benefits.



Metal materials can be found in all types of outdoor commercial furniture. It can be used for frames, furniture rests and table legs. In addition, metal materials are also often paired with other materials such as wood, wicker and even plastic. Metal materials can usually withstand moisture, although they can often corrode at areas where the pieces of furniture are attached together with bolts and fasteners.

Common metal materials are aluminum and stainless steel. Both metals are low maintenance, although they can retain heat when left out directly in the sunlight. Aluminum is an inexpensive choice when you are looking for great commercial furniture that is cost effective.



Tempered glass is normally used when making commercial tabletops. It can be paired with metal and wood materials and is completely resistant to weather, stains, and pests. Tempered glass is heavy. So it is usually preferred when the furniture will not be moved on the commercial patio.

Price for tempered glass can vary from inexpensive to medium rates depending on the thickness of the material. You should be aware that tempered glass is reflective. It can cause a blinding glare when reflecting the sun’s rays as it can be uncomfortable to your guests.


Selecting the Furniture Materials for Your Commercial Outdoor Space

There are many material choices to select from for your commercial furniture. You may go with a chair that is made from one solid piece of material, such as plastic or select several materials for your customized furnishings. Whichever material you select, contact Caluco to obtain the custom commercial furniture that is right for your budget. Get a free estimate today or send us an inquiry online.

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