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Fall into Autumn with these Outdoor Decorating Tips for the Season
September 28, 2018

Fall into Autumn with these Outdoor Decorating Tips for the Season

Invite your guests to ‘fall into autumn’ by creating that cozy welcome feeling that only the season of farm bounty, crisp evening air and autumn holidays brings.

Whether you decorate once for fall then change it all for winter or you give Halloween and Thanksgiving their own individual display, here’s how to make the most of the season for your patrons and guests.

Plan ahead

Rushing last minute to a hobby store, party shop or other retailer almost guarantees you will not find the items you hoped to. Blue ghosts and purple pumpkins, anyone? Supplies may be picked over and you’ll end up with the leftovers. Choose colors and items that harmonize with your outdoor commercial furniture and will stand up to the elements, too.

Choose a theme

It sounds obvious, but you will not find what you are looking for even when you do shop early if you don’t have a clear image of what you want to create. You may end up with vampire masks, rolls of burlap and a fistful of orange raffia. Having a theme in mind that matches your outdoor patio and furnishings allows you to create a cohesive look and ensure that your guests are impressed.

Swap out Accents

Choose commercial outdoor furniture in neutral or brand colors and incorporate seasonal pillows, cords and other items to accent the theme you’ve chosen. Change out a few of those cool summer pillows on your Indira cord chairs – choose Adaptation Apricot or Accord Crimson pillows for fall and create an instant warm welcome!


Plan to reuse your decorations. Like pearls, classic decor never goes out of style. You can build on your collection each year or simply save by storing and reusing as many pieces as you can.

Choose Decorations Wisely

Real fruits and vegetables can accent your outdoor commercial furniture and space, but they can also develop an odor and draw insects. Opt for good quality fakes instead; most faux fruits and vegetables are very realistic and sturdy. Not everyone thinks ghosts, witches and monsters are okay; think about whom you are decorating for. Some guests may object to scary decor. Wrap pots of mums with burlap, tie on raffia bows and move our Indira center tables right into autumn.

Recognizing the season and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere will keep guests coming back again and again and allow you to become a community gathering point when cool weather arrives.


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