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Here’s Why You Should Avoid Using Residential Furniture in Commercial Spaces
January 9, 2019

Here’s Why You Should Avoid Using Residential Furniture in Commercial Spaces

Deciding on interior design for commercial spaces focuses on a number of factors. You want the furniture that will provide the best functions for the given space, whether you are using the area for dining, lounging or special occasions. Also, you want furniture that can withstand varying weather if placed outside, captures the business theme, and doesn’t break your budget.


After looking at a range of furniture, you may decide on some residential furniture that is priced within your spending range and features modern designs. However, adding residential furniture to your commercial space can create issues.


What is Commercial Furniture?

Commercial furniture is normally designed based on its function, such as restaurant furniture or pool lounge furniture. They are also sold in bulk as you can find pricing for 10 to 50 pieces of furniture for one price. Due to the daily wear and tear, commercial furniture will be made from higher quality metals, wood species, and fabrics. It will also have non-corrosive materials and finishes that are weather-resistant, stain-resistant and fade resistant. In addition, you can easily get customized furniture designs that work best with your particular establishment.


What is Residential Furniture?

Residential furniture can be found in single pieces or in small sets, such as the dining room or living room sets of matching furniture. The furniture will be more stylish to capture the current trends, which can make the furniture outdated in a few years when the trend ends. Residential furniture will normally be the cheaper alternative due to the lesser quality materials and manufacturing methods.


Commercial Furniture VS. Residential Furniture

When it comes to furnishing commercial spaces, you’ll get more strength and durability when selecting commercial furniture. You won’t have to switch out commercial pieces when the current trends change, which can be costly when selecting residential chairs, sofas, and upholstery. The commercial furniture will also be easier to maintain and clean after daily use.

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