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How Outdoor Seating Can Increase Revenue
July 30, 2017

How Outdoor Seating Can Increase Revenue

It may sound a bit hard to believe, but the truth is that outdoor seating can do wonders to boost your restaurant or bar’s revenue. One study found that investing in outdoor seating could lead to up to 250% return on your investment. How is that possible?


More Space

If you can simply seat your guests at an outdoor table and chairs, you don’t have to worry about whether there’s a free table indoors. You have more space, which means more paying customers! Take a sidewalk café as the perfect example. In addition to the indoor café space, you can have customers sit outside. People who enjoy open air will prefer to sit outside, where they can people watch, enjoy the scenery, and get a bit of fresh air and sunshine.


Better Ambiance

There’s something wonderful about eating in the great outdoors. You have the fresh air, open skies, a gentle breeze, and a great view of the world around you, all from the comfort of outdoor lounge furniture. Many people specifically go to venues (restaurants and bars) because of the outdoor seating! For example, if you’re offering vegan fare, having an outdoor eating area surrounded by plants, trees, and flowers can help to enhance the “green” ambiance of the venue.


More Relaxing

The fact that your guests are seated outdoors and in the open air can help to relax the vibe of your venue. There’s less urgency when you’re sitting outdoors, and surveys have found that people believe the food tastes better and fresher when served outdoors.


Encourage Consumption

Did you know that al fresco seating can boost food and beverage sales? The more relaxed a guest is, the more likely they are to want to stay and continue enjoying the scenery. The longer they sit, the higher their food and drink consumption.


Enhance Décor

Outdoor seating space is more than just practical–it can be beautiful as well! Outdoor furniture can add a splash of color and life to the venue. As an example, take a look at the bright colors and patterns of our Caluco Sunbrellas. They make a wonderful addition to your outdoor décor, brightening up the venue and making it come alive. Even if the indoor décor is minimal, having the extra colors of the Sunbrellas outside will enhance the overall look of the restaurant.


As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to invest in outdoor seating sets to turn that extra roof, sidewalk, or patio space into an open-air venue.

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