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Keep Hospitality Patio Furniture Looking its Best
July 13, 2018

Keep Hospitality Patio Furniture Looking its Best

Your hotel patio and pool furniture should look its best at all time. Shabby, worn, faded or furniture and textiles will make your outdoor space look outdated and your patrons simply won’t want to explore or linger in this space. Extend the life of your furnishings using one or more of the following methods:
Take it indoors: Have a team bring textiles in when not in use to prevent sun damage and fading. If you are only open for part of the day, bringing small items indoors can dramatically prolong the life of your furnishings. You should bring your outdoor furnishings in when the season for using them is over; leaving them exposed to the elements could cause considerable damage and wear.
Use Shade Umbrellas, shade sails and patio cover also help combat the sun’s damaging rays. These items will not only preserve your furnishings, but will make your patio, pool deck and outdoor seating areas more appealing to and comfortable for customers.
Choose the Right Materials: If you are still shopping for your outdoor furniture and textiles choose those with UV coating designed to stand up to outdoor use. Uncoated textiles and lightweight, untreated plastics simply won’t stand up to the sun and elements for long. High quality Caluco patio furniture is designed to withstand the elements and stand the test of time.
Apply Sunscreen: Your guests and patrons apply sunscreen before heading outside, and your furniture can benefit from the UV blocking power as well. Use a UV spray designed specifically for outdoor furniture to prolong the life of your pieces and keep your patio looking its best.
Inspect Regularly: If you begin to see signs of wear, you can act quickly to preserve your pieces. Regular inspection not only ensures your outdoor spaces continue to tempt customers and visitors, but that they are safe to use as well.
Taking care of your outdoor and patio furnishings ensures they will stand up to the sun’s damaging rays. By choosing the right pieces and materials and caring for them well, you can be sure you’ll get the most from your investment and create a space your guests won’t be able to resist.

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