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Restaurant Design Ideas to Please Your Guests
June 28, 2019

Restaurant Design Ideas to Please Your Guests

Restaurants are fantastic social places for your guests where they can obtain a great meal and have a fun time with their friends and family. Creating the perfect design will allow guests to feel comfortable during the entire meal. Use the following design ideas to make a restaurant space that causes your guests to return again and again.


Decorative Plants Create Cozy Places for Diners

Not every customer wants to eat in a large and noisy dining room area. Some guests don’t want to have their dining experience intruded upon by other diners. However, you may have an eating establishment where you don’t want individual booths or physical walls between tables. Instead, you can create privacy using decorative plants.

Long and tall bamboos, reeds and ornamental grasses placed between small tables create the illusion of privacy without being permanent architectural structures. So you can still change the table set up in the dining space without being limited by an immovable wall. People can have their privacy while decorative plants create a relaxing and natural atmosphere.


Lower Noise and Unsightly Views with Hedges

For outdoor dining spaces, nearby parking lots, streets, and other business establishments can create distractions for diners. The increase of noise and pollution from cars can invade an outdoor patio space and send guests away as they won’t be eager to return to the outdoor space.

Walls can block out both noise and traffic. Yet brick and concrete don’t improve the view of the space. Hedges can allow you to add more greenery to the outdoor space while still keeping the noise level down. It also provides a more attractive https://riverpalm.com/phentermine-online/ setting as the patio feels like a private oasis for your diners. You may also incorporate other elements into the hedge, such as small lights, when the outdoor patio is used in the evenings to create a romantic place for diners.


Use Long-Lasting and Modern Materials

Long-lasting furniture made from metal, wood, synthetic resin, and plastic materials can provide you with an outdoor eating space that won’t look weathered throughout the year. The furniture can maintain its modern appeal and match the themes of your restaurant. Consider using furniture frames using strong and durable materials with removable cushions and upholstery.

Removable upholstery allows you to clean the seats and sofas when dirty. During the winter, you can easily remove the cushions and store them away when the outdoor furniture won’t be in use. When design themes change, you can swap out the old cushion covers and place on new ones. So your restaurant can always keep up with the latest, modern trends.


Bring in Pops of Color

Many restaurant designs stick with neutral colors of whites, creams, and greys. Then you may add more natural colors of tans and browns to make a space visually pleasing to all guests. Yet don’t forget to add pops of color to break up this color scheme. You can instantly add colors with table covers, chair covers and cushions to brighten up dark spaces.

For outdoor areas, flowers can instantly add color to the area. If you are worried about maintaining the upkeep of the flowers, consider placing in faux plants. The plants won’t need constant watering, are low maintenance, and will only need to be occasionally washed with soap and water.


Create a Great Restaurant Design

The perfect restaurant design will be based on the layout of the space and the types of furniture that will please your guests. For your outdoor commercial space, turn to Caluco for commercial patio furniture. We can custom design your furniture so that it will fit perfectly into your restaurant theme. Get a free estimate today from our company or obtain more information by sending us an online inquiry.

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