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The Best Materials for Poolside Furniture
August 18, 2017

The Best Materials for Poolside Furniture

Setting up a poolside lounge or seating area is an amazing way to encourage guests to eat and drink more as they are swimming. By offering them comfortable pool patio furniture, you give them a place to relax and hang out with their friends and family. The more comfortable and relaxed they are on your outdoor pool furniture, the more likely they’ll be to order a drink or some food. Below are a few of the materials most commonly used for hotel pool furniture and commercial pool furniture. You’ll find that not all materials are the same—in many cases, it’s worth paying a little more for higher-quality furniture! Here’re the best materials for pool furniture.



The type of wood used for outdoor furniture determines how good a choice it is. High-quality teak furniture is obviously highly desirable, but also expensive. Though it’s a bit heavy, it’s highly durable and one of the best materials for outdoor use. Teak (and other high-quality woods) are resistant to weather and water wear, making them a long-lasting choice. Our Caluco furniture uses only Grade A Teak, ensuring our furniture is wear-resistant and look beautiful for years to come.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another durable material that is worth the higher cost. You’ll pay more for stainless steel than iron or aluminum, but there is very little risk of rusting or water/weather damage. With the right fabric for the seat, you can make your steel outdoor pool furniture comfortable as well as durable. Our Sunbrella and Outdura textiles are performance fabrics intended for outdoor use, but they’re beautiful and stylish as well. Together with a stainless steel frame, they offer superior performance and longevity.


Dry Fast Foam

Dry Fast Foam is an excellent option if you want lightweight and water-resistant furniture. The cell structure of the foam is larger, allowing the water to run through for quick drying. The foam is lighter than metal but offers durability far superior to plastic. Our Caluco furniture made from Dry Fast Foam is strong enough to handle the weight of active kids and adults, making it ideal for outdoor and poolside use.



Aluminum is lightweight but fairly durable. With the right powder coating, it can be resistant to weather and water damage. Aluminum is a more affordable material, but one that has a long lifespan. We use a broad selection of powder coatings to make the metal last even longer, and you’ll find our Caluco aluminum options are lightweight and durable. Best of all, they’re the perfect mid-way point between excellent quality and affordable.


Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are ideal for comfortable furniture. The open weave is highly modern and stylish and makes for excellent quality furniture that is resistant to water, weather, and heavy use by your guests. Our wicker chairs are made using a superior-quality synthetic polyethylene fiber known as “Virofiber”, which is more durable than natural fibers. Caluco’s furniture is beautiful, sustainable, and designed for all-weather uses.


If you’re thinking about setting up a hotel or commercial pool seating area, these are the materials you’d do well to consider!

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