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Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers
December 7, 2017

Tips on How to Buy Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

When you purchase outdoor furniture for your commercial or hospitality business, you want ones that can withstand the dirt, rain, flying debris picked up by the wind, and the occasional snow storm. Yet you can also keep the sofas, chairs, and tables looking great by covering them when not in use. Outdoor furniture covers are designed to slip right over individual furniture pieces. Here are some tips to select the right outdoor patio furniture covers for your outdoor eating and recreational space at your establishment.


Features to Look for in Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

Waterproof and Breathability

One of the top things people look for in patio furniture covers is waterproof capabilities. They want their furniture, especially sofas and chairs that have fabric cushions, to remain dry. Yet another aspect to look for is breathability. Condensation can build up underneath the cover and soak into the material to create mold and mildew. Look for covers that have small vents that allow condensation to escape while keeping furniture dry when it rains.



Another must-have when searching for covers is that they should have closures or tie-downs. No matter how much you pull a cover down, the wind and storm can get underneath and blow it off somewhere as your employees have to run outside and chase after the covers. So make sure you can tie the cover down to the furniture.


Soft Backing

The last feature to look for in a furniture cover is a soft backing. You don’t want the cover to wear off or scratch the finish off your furniture.



Materials and Sizes for Outdoor Furniture Covers

Sizing Furniture Covers

When deciding on a furniture cover size, avoid the “one-size-fits-all” claimed by box store retailers. Each piece of commercial furniture should have a cover that fits its dimensions perfectly to prevent water from getting inside. Most manufacturers will have covers for their specific pieces of furniture. If they don’t, then measure the furniture to get an exact fit.



Materials are an important factor when you are searching for weatherproof protection and durability to protect your outdoor furniture. Here at Caluco, we use solution-dyed polyester marine fabrics with a water-resistant urethane coating from Sur Last. This material is suitable outdoors as it is often used as protective covers for motor vehicles as well as sailboat awning covers.


Available in a variety of vibrant colors, this polyester fabric won’t encourage mold or mildew growth due to its breathability or fade from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So you can have patio furniture covers that last.


Keep your furniture looking fantastic for all your guests when they visit your hotel, bar, resort or restaurant with outdoor furniture covers. Use the following tips to select the best covers to protect your outdoor furniture from all types of weather.


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