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Transform Your Business’ Ambiance: 3 Patio Decorating Tips to Please Guests
October 18, 2017

Transform Your Business’ Ambiance: 3 Patio Decorating Tips to Please Guests

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, hotel, resort, bar, and other hospitality business, you want your guests relaxed and entertained while visiting your establishment. Having an outdoor patio area allows people to socialize, dine, and engage in outdoor activities. Increase the ambiance of your patio space with these decorating tips:


Select Commercial Patio Furniture that Enhances Your Focal Point

There will always be some type of focal point you want to bring attention to in your patio space.

It may be the pool area where guests can sunbathe on comfortable and waterproof lounging chairs and settees. You may have fire pits where you want to create a romantic atmosphere as couples can cuddle on love seats. Perhaps space has a grand scenic view of the nearby ocean or mountains.

Whatever your focal point is, select furniture that further emphasizes the atmosphere of that space and increases its functionality. You want the seating to face the focal point so people can enjoy it during their entire stay.


Consider Traffic Flow When Integrating Entertainment Elements

Some guests will want a nice place to dine and talk. Other guests want a play area for themselves and the kids. When integrating different entertainment elements, also keep in mind the amount of space you have to work with when arranging hospitality patio furniture.

Create places where guests can converse but don’t bunch in tons of furniture that makes it difficult to navigate across the patio. Think about how people will walk and interact with elements on the patio. Then arrange the furniture to further accommodate them.


Make Creative Private Spots in Secluded Areas

Somewhere on your patio, you may have one secluded spot that simply isn’t close to nearby dining or entertainment. You don’t have to leave these places in neglect.

Consider changing it into a small private space for guests where they can get away from the loud noises and hectic activity of the main hospitality area. Hang softer lighting from poles or trees. Place in a canopy umbrella. Then select commercial patio furniture that offers a welcoming, serene feeling. Your guests will feel like they have their own spot to simply read a book or listen to music as they let the day’s stress roll off their shoulders.

There are numerous ways for you to transform the ambiance of your patio area. Focus on the functionality of the space. Then enhance it with the perfect outdoor elements and furniture seating.

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