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July 27, 2018

What Factors to Consider When Purchasing Hospitality Patio Furniture

Purchasing hospitality patio furniture isn’t as simple as purchasing a sofa or a chair for your own home. The daily wear and tear from hotel guests, number of furniture pieces required, the style, and the quality are important factors to consider. Yet you also need to pay particular attention to other factors when purchasing furniture from hotel outdoor furniture manufacturers. Here are several things to consider when furnishing your hotel business:
You should take into account furniture sizes and shapes based on the particular commercial occupancy space. You want to provide the most seating in outdoor areas without impeding foot traffic flow throughout the patio. On the other hand, you also have to take into consideration ADA compliance where aisles and walkways have to be wide enough to accommodate mobility devices such as wheelchairs and strollers.
Take into consideration the types of guests and entertainment in that space. People will lounge for several hours by the pool while wanting to be alone, versus people socializing around an outdoor fire pit. So these factors will influence your choices regarding the type of furniture to install, its comfort level, and how people will use it during interactions with hotel amenities.
Structural Strength and Durability
Hospitality patio furniture must withstand the outdoor elements in addition to the daily strenuous use from guests. Certain materials are more suitable for outdoor spaces, such as wicker, teak, powder-coated metal furniture, and outdoor fabrics that will not mold or mildew. Evaluate the contract manfaucturer’s process based on what materials are used and how the furniture is built to determine the furniture’s strength and durability.

All of the above factors, including furniture style and quality, will play an important role in deciding on the right hospitality patio furniture to buy. If you are looking for exquisitely designed furniture that is custom made for your hotel business, contact Caluco. We provide commercial outdoor furniture for hotels, bars, country clubs and restaurants. Reach out to our company for a free estimate or to submit an inquiry online.

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