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Outdoor Furniture in Restaurants
July 1, 2017

Where to Set Up Outdoor Furniture in Restaurants/Bars

One of the great things about life in Southern California is the fact that the weather is pleasant most of the year. This means that people like to get out of their house more, and often search for a venue where they can relax, enjoy the mild weather, and socialize with friends and family.

A good way to take advantage of this desire to be outdoors is to set up an outdoor dining space. With the right outdoor restaurant furniture, you can turn your extra spaces (gardens, sidewalks, patio, porch, roof, etc.) into an attraction that will bring diners from around your city.

Natural and Man-Made Features 

If your venue is located near a natural feature (beach, mountain, lake, etc.), offer an outdoor venue that provides access and views of the natural feature. Your guests will love relaxing on the comfortable restaurant furniture outdoors, sipping their drinks or eating their food while enjoying the view.

Green Life

If you have a garden or are near a forest or national reserve, you MUST use restaurant furniture to take full advantage of the green life. Green is a naturally soothing, relaxing color that will encourage your guests to sit back and enjoy themselves. You will need to do far less decorating because all the green will do the work of de-stressing your diners for you.

Great Views

What could be better than dinner with a great view? You can set up outdoor dining sets on the rooftop, elevated porch, or patio overlooking the city, mountains, forest, or ocean. People will come from all around the city (and even from out of town) just to enjoy the views. Great food and comfortable restaurant patio furniture are all you need to turn your venue into a hotspot!

Open Air

Most of us spend our days indoors: at the office, at home, relaxing in front of the TV, etc. Our bodies crave fresh air, so a venue that offers open-air seating will be more popular and de-stressing than one that is fully enclosed.

Peaceful Locale

If you can set up outdoor seating away from the busy street (such as in a back porch or patio), you can give guests the gift of a quiet outdoor setting. That is incredibly relaxing and can do wonders to help encourage people to return again and again.

All of these things make outdoor furniture such an important element in any restaurant.

The problem is that the weather (sunlight, rain, and the Santa Ana winds) can take a toll on your furniture. You may worry that buying outdoor furniture for your restaurant might not be a smart investment if it’s just going to get damaged or worn in a year or so.

Not with Caluco furniture.

We offer seating that can be adapted to any space, no matter how large or small. But our furniture is so much more than just beautiful and practical—we also guarantee durability. Our aluminum furniture is made with a powder coating to protect the metal from the elements. We use only high quality, water-resistant synthetic fabrics to ensure your soft, comfy couch cushions are weatherproof. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, our Standard High-Density Foam furniture is the perfect blend of comfort and longevity.

With Caluco’s Mirabella and San Michelle collections, you get everything you need for the ideal outdoor spaces in your restaurant.

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