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Commercial Vs. Residential Furniture
July 12, 2019

Commercial Grade Furniture Vs. Residential Furniture: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to furniture for the commercial establishment there are specifications that need to be considered. Unlike, traditional household furnishing, commercial-grade furniture is designed to meet specific requirements depending on the type of business. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between residential furniture and commercial grade offerings.


In most cases, commercial furniture is subject to heavier wear than household furniture. Shops, offices, and other working environments host countless guests every month and might be subject to heavy handling. (talk about wear and tear!) Think of people sitting at restaurants every day, as well as customers browsing through displays at shops. Commercial furniture and amenities must be primed and ready for heavy-duty use.

By contrast, most residential furniture can get away with being relatively soft. Major big-boxed furniture companies, especially those offering products that people can assemble at home, don’t provide the best value in terms of durability. On the other hand, they are sturdy enough for most household applications.

Practicality and Ease of Use

Practicality is a crucial component for either commercial or residential furniture. However, commercial establishments need something that’s extremely reliable. “Workhorse” furniture is a must in a professional environment, particularly when you need https://badgerherald.com/valium/ to rely on it on a daily basis! In addition, commercial furniture also must be aesthetically pleasing in order to represent the brand visually. This is particularly important when the retail space is open to the general public.

In other words, commercial furniture should be practical and be able to provide flexibility and functionality. On the other hand, it should be beautiful and in tune with the branding of commercial activity.

Custom Pieces

Many shops, restaurants, and offices may require custom furniture to address specific needs. For example, a recording studio or a radio station need special furniture to accommodate their rack gear. A law firm needs a customized table for meetings, while shops might need personalized displays to showcase their merchandise.

Custom pieces are widespread when it comes to shop-fitting. However, they are often considered a luxury appointment only when it comes to residential furniture. In other words, you will likely find custom furniture in most professional establishments, while you find custom-designed furniture in homes, it is more common only in luxury settings. Most homeowners are happy with consumer-grade furniture, which is more affordable and suits the needs of an average household.


The cost of furniture may vary greatly, depending on the needs and desires of the buyer. Commercial furnishings tend to be more expensive than the average cost of furnishing a home, mostly because shops and offices indeed require customized furniture. The process of shop-fitting (setting up a shop’s interior) can be costly, but it’s a very crucial investment for most commercial activities. Homeowners can get away with spending far less if they so desire. It is naturally possible to do just the opposite since there are many price tiers in both categories. For instance, there are many shops who can outfit their lo-cation at convenient rates, while there are many homeowners that spare no expenses when it comes to creating the home of their dreams.

Build Materials

This factor varies deeply depending on budget, but in most cases, there isn’t a world of difference in terms of build materials when comparing residential to commercial furniture. The difference becomes more noticeable with upscale offerings and with higher tier products that will cost more but outlast.

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