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Considerations When Planning A Patio Project
April 17, 2019

Considerations When Planning A Patio Project

Planning a patio for your customers will allow you to use this valuable space for everyday dining, lounging, and other entertainments as well as offering the space for rental purposes when people host special events. Before the project starts, there are several planning phases to consider that can impact how well the outdoor space turns out. Consider these factors when designing your commercial patio.


Location for Guests and Employees

The location of the outdoor patio is important for both guests and employees. It should be accessible enough for guests to find and use while allowing employees to provide their services. Also, consider the size of the location and the configuration of the patio when it will be used as a multipurpose space for your guests.


Seating Arrangements and Aisle Space

A commercial patio space may need different seating zones based on specific activities. You’ll want lounge chairs and tables by the pool for your resort hotel, or dining seats for your restaurant. You also need to take into consideration how the seating will be arranged. When planning your patio project, develop several different seating arrangements with aisles so you can build the patio in the right size.


The function of the Space

You will need to decide on the main use for the patio as well as any special use considerations. Will, it just be a place for dining, or will guests be able to go to an outdoor bar for drinks or a dance stage for live music events? Also figure out if you plan to allow guests to reserve the space for private events, such as wedding receptions or birthday parties.


Material for Patio Surfaces

Materials for patio surfaces should be ideal for both guests and employees to prevent people from getting involved in slip and fall accidents. You also want to select material that can stand up to daily abuse. In cases where the patio will be next to hotel pool areas, you may want to consider surface materials that will be comfortable for bare feet.


Lighting for Nighttime Use

Many restaurants and hotels will have patio areas that will be used late into the evening. When the sun goes down, you want to have lighting incorporated into space so people feel comfortable while eating, drinking and engaging in outdoor entertainment.


Themes and Styles for the Patio Space

Commercial business owners may desire to have a space that matches the interior design theme of other areas, such as dining rooms. This design theme is especially important if interior spaces will have side and rear doors open to enter the patio space, as you may want a uniform design theme throughout.


Budget and Emergency Costs

Commercial patio projects will have a range of costs based on the size of the patio, construction materials, and other patio elements. You should also set aside an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses that may crop up. You may decide to add more features to the patio space, or discover an underlying issue that needs to be addressed before the rest of the project can be completed.


Getting the Right Furnishings for Your Commercial Patio

Once your commercial patio project is completed, the next step will be to purchase all the furnishings for space. Customized commercial patio furniture can be constructed to match the theme of your business and the rest of the indoor furnishings. The furniture will also be constructed out of materials designed to stand up to the outdoor elements and the daily use by guests.


Here at Caluco, we specialize in custom outdoor commercial furniture for hotels, restaurants, bars and other businesses. If you are building a patio space and will need commercial furniture, contact our company today for a free estimate or submit an online inquiry.

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