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Benefits of Buying Outdoor Furniture
October 30, 2017

Four Benefits of Buying Commercial Outdoor Furniture from the Manufacturer

Buying commercial furniture is a great investment for restaurants, bars, hotels, and resorts. Yet deciding where to get the furniture at great prices and quality can be a trying process. Should you just head to your local furniture retail store? More commercial businesses are going directly to the outdoor furniture manufacturer to get the best deals for their budget.


Benefits of Buying Directly from the Manufacturer


Wider Selection

Regular stores simply can’t stock every conceivable piece of commercial patio furniture on their store floor. They have limited space and may work with only a few manufacturers. By going directly to the manufacturer, you have the opportunity to shop from a wider selection of furniture pieces that fit into the style and theme of your commercial business.


Get Custom Options

There are times when you want more customized and personalized commercial outdoor furniture. By working with the manufacturer, you can speak with a specialist regarding design concepts and get customized furniture pieces. Then you can get one-of-a-kind pieces that offer the functionality that the commercial business needs.


Obtain Better Warranties

Purchasing patio furniture directly from an outdoor furniture manufacturer allows you to take advantage of direct warranties. Here at Caluco, we offer a wide range of limited warranties such as:

• 3-year limited warranty for woven resin, rope and teak furniture
• 3- year limited warranty for aluminum and stainless steel frames
• 1-year limited warranty for cushions and umbrellas
• 1-year limited warranty for component parts
• 1-year limited warranty for stone tops
• 1-year limited warranty for furniture protector covers


Great Price Deals

Lastly, buying directly from a manufacturer can allow you to get the lowest prices for commercial patio furniture. This advantage is ideal when you are buying furniture in bulk. On the other hand, most retailers have to bump up their furniture prices to make a profit when you buy from them.

Get reliable and quality furniture sales and services directly from the manufacturer. The next time you need commercial patio furniture, skip the retailers and instead buy it directly from the source.

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